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Michael Dennis Stagg

Michael Dennis Stagg

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  • Comment on: Election 2015: Is housing design on the agenda?

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 12-Mar-2015 11:06 am

    I thought housing Design was 1958 1972 and Housing Planning is a Local Authority work for experts in Planning along with Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture Transport and welfare and Schools hospitals Churches and some review of local materials and existing architectural standards Farming Forestry Gravel and stone rather than Brazil clay pit tiles on large Chinese thin hull container ships off Felixstowe. I was not aware Politicians worked in architecture and construction? There might even be climate involved. Oh yes and clean water supplies and Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering Health Safety Salary Profession Ethics Morality Truth specs and quantities sewage disposal waste collections Paper Computing Soils Drainage urban and Flood control rural. Ask USA floods Mississippi and Equity Fraud collapse backlot building Planning evasion Credit Card disaster 2007.Where is the MMB and Sheep supply Leather and Cloth and more important where is the employment and Teaching ! Planning not expensive useless bridges over the congested Thames with wandering Boris at lunchtime. There is an England outside London policy elections. Where all the good teaching design and research is enacted or was. MD Stagg Senior Lecturer 1978

  • Comment on: Boris approves Garden Bridge

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 19-Dec-2014 1:11 pm

    Most expensive piece of Landscape gardening since the flame thrower, not Percy Thrower, he was OK, burned down Windsor Castle at 60 million cost to the country's tax payments courtesy of John Major, so who will be alllowed through the Toll Gate to weed, the local flat owners with Oyster grading ? as I notice Tfl refuse to provide Cornwall immigrants hired to polish the rocks in the BBC Red Containers using Irish Whiskey off Dawlish Rail. That is the bridge will be useless and Roman soldiers will not be able to cross the river to put down insurrection in Parliament as there is no Rouen Tram connnection! Presumably somebody will later cut off the safety controls as they did on the New Tube Trains in time for the big station collapse under the vibration tunnel clay drive? Founded in sewage like the Trent towns. Piled in rubble like Portishead Ashlands.

  • Comment on: Heatherwick picked for New York’s ‘Pier 55’ floating park

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 17-Nov-2014 7:54 pm

    Interesting if people are to concentrate on recreation Design it is good to see it enacted in a site that needs some revival of life with use of local structural advantages.

  • Comment on: Piano wins planning for Shard's little sister

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 6-Nov-2014 4:19 pm

    Would I get the impression Frank Lloyd Wright gets the boot as a brilliant design with Planning concerns built in and local character while Piano gets to wreck London without any moral or design character because there is money involved and stupid people slide down the very expensive glasswork for lousy provocative newspaper journalese ? I wanted to use that standard glass in low rise but if people slid on it I would prosecute them for copying geomorphic scour without due qualification, they did that to hydraulics in that insult to Diana. Nasty people sarcastic cynics incapable of design physics. London is sinking into the pit of clay as a large sewage production unit while Parliament plays games with Archictectural Structure safety and Planning quality. They really are evil and child destroying.

  • Comment on: Inspector rejects appeal for UK's first Frank Lloyd Wright house

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 4-Nov-2014 1:31 pm

    It is just a lot of rock slab arranged carefully so it does not fall over and gives the cat sun spots and the wife dusting of the walls to keep her occupied, what is the Problem ? it is character for England Wales Scotland, some of the best houses are in sandstone mudstone rugged low grade and high grade slate block marlstone even and of course the famour limestones and sometimes Millstone Grit. People have been known to make local culture in schist flint chert and clay, rather a lot in clay, some Brazil import ! Call themselves Conservation Architects ? OK so we have rain, but there are block without pointing on hillsides that seem not to allow the damp into walls. Perhaps they did not like the functional arrangement? Look at Cotswold that is all primitive Frank Lloyd Wright, pre era.

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