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Michael Dennis Stagg

Michael Dennis Stagg

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  • Comment on: Government backs HS3 and vision for new 'northern powerhouse'

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 28-Oct-2014 3:27 pm

    I hope they are paying for it privately from their companies and stocks and shares without any use of taxes as I am not, being so disgusted with RIBA I could spit it out of my mouth, Revelation, Sardis, total compromise, they still owe me my salary less tax and my pension without tax taken from it which they did not earn, so you sink into the London clays I am no longer listening to the sludge going slop back and forth. NCE made a comment on that in the 1980s concerning the sewer under Parliament. RIBA students ruined the College of Art and Design destroyed two Faculty Departments, Geotechnical and Hydraulic Design after that then they set about destroying Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Water supplies, Flood control, Health and Africa South America China Arabia and all the mineral resources and our towns. Nothing to say about Stirling RIBA other than where are the building designs ?

  • Comment on: Half of architects say zero carbon 'should be compulsory'

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 8-Oct-2014 7:54 am

    Fat lot those pretend architects know about carbon nor weather I guess, once Architecture had an RIBA AA or ILA, now all it has is environmentalism money raking bullying and RIBA needs to seize back its Institute, badly, from the desolating sacrilege. That is why we need Planners and Vision. A teacher of computing made a serious comment you can do more damage dragging a sheet from a dot matrix than losing one jammed sheet of paper and she was a lady too. Even solar panels consume more materials and energy than they save the environment and don't get me started on those stinking windmill atrocities. Design please ! MDS BSc Wales. GCAD Senior Lecturer 1978

  • Comment on: Plans submitted for overhaul of London’s 1970s Aylesbury Estate

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 8-Oct-2014 7:46 am

    For one horrifying moment I thought it meant Aylesbury the town, which I am fond of as my Soils review helped complete by degree and teaching practice, lovely soil patterns, definitive which is why B.E.D. offered it as one of the choices we had in the last term, that would be like inviting Foster Associates to Bath, or nuclear concrete to South Somerset coal and estuary bird life Stert, or Clegg to do Somerset which he did, horror movie, there are Architects of quality "in some other places". But then Planning would not let Foster loose on places alike Aylesbury now would they? nor Cameron Boris loose on Totterdown nor Tower Hamlets to Fiddle Votes like Nero, National Geographic.

  • Comment on: Tory plans for 'less green' starter homes panned

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 29-Sep-2014 1:36 pm

    Well we suffered the Looney cost rising jobs for the boys mobsters and gangsters for 40 years, they tore up Design and Science and lashed out at good technology work we encouraged leaving young people with no University recognition no jobs no schools no homes no food no water no flood protection and then they sat in a desert atoll and bemoaned that as well while attacking us again for helping poor countries and the starving, Dickensian prison camp operators incapable of independent thought. Work House arrangements. All competition money seeking, steal it off genuine employed qualified expert caring staff and make their work impossible and their lives religiously persecuted. The rise of Farage ism. Can't say we shall miss the Environment Gang, my understanding is it is Building Environmental Sciences not terrorism up trees. Design not bullying. At least some people will have planned work and homes at last. They threw millions of people out of work now they are receiving recompense. So would the Environment movement now solve the flood problem properly ? or shut up.

  • Comment on: Yes vote 'would jeopardise' £7.8bn of Scottish schemes

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 16-Sep-2014 4:45 pm

    That then would be a Yes to remaining sane, rather than up to one's ears in debt and deaf, instead of burying London in over stressed High Rise knitted piling at ludicrous rental costs on subsiding clay Chunneling and bad sand technology of the terrace slips and polluted groundwater. One thing Scotland Somerset Wales and some other parts the beer soaked longer ago than advertising need to do is leave the ancient themes of London behind for safety and health, lowered inflation, better education and University, Planning, Schools good landscapes and clean water. It was not even the capital that is a recent myth generated by foreign castle builders. MD Stagg Senior Lecturer 1978 GCADesign Cheltenham

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