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Michael Dennis Stagg

Michael Dennis Stagg

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  • Comment on: Paul Finch remembers the 'masterly' Richard MacCormac

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 31-Jul-2014 8:51 pm

    Even I know MacCormac and I am not an architect let alone a historian, but you see his work all around ... I know his influence from teaching students and reading.

  • Comment on: Obituary: Peter Hall (1932 – 2014)

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 31-Jul-2014 8:47 pm

    A leader who directed Geography before I graduated and a great influence in trying to rescue Inner City, where Geography turned off the Path I know not but the results of not listening to him are littered worldwide.

  • Comment on: Foster submits San Francisco towers scheme

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 31-Jul-2014 8:45 pm

    Well you can only have one serious earthquake collapse in a lifetime so that must be the Foster Event Pending Tray, Foster Associates are not old enough for the former San Francisco, they all managed to assist the Twin Towers Islamic terrorist mess with slab frame ... what next !?

  • Comment on: Kenneth Baker: ‘We’re in a golden age of architecture, but we’re missing good technical colleges’

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 31-Jul-2014 8:40 pm

    That was 1970 architecture and the great development of modern design and landscape influence in agriculture and forestry water resouces and energy through Landscape Planning and Social Architecture for towns, including the earlier Conservation and Interior Ministry USA, following such innovations as towns of wales Carter et al UCW, which The Conservatives ripped apart in the 1980s selling other people's homes, along with the loss of Charter statutory University and Schools and then Labour tore up student grant, wrecking the quality of University academic and professional. The politicians attacked us without relief since 1979 and have not stopped attacking even since we retired, qualified we may be, in cohorts with that rubbish we are not and never will be. Mike Stagg Senior Lecturer 1978 GCADesign Architecture Landscape Architecture Town and Country Planning, University College Research and Teaching Hydrology soils 1969 UCW BScWales magna cum laude.

  • Comment on: Reaction to Hadid's Stirling Prize win: 'There was a collective groan'

    Michael Dennis Stagg's comment 3-Oct-2011 10:41 am

    Strange responses, for a structures interested Geologist I found the whole experience better this year than most years, but then as Will said some decades ago maybe the flow of water down the channels created has made the old guard either tired, or coated in something that needs renovation? Much of my Wales site and Scotland is coated in summer drought things needing renewal of the rock, so that we envisaged in 1974 is now all Biology and I know that sensation myself, so did Ezekial and Job, scraping about the place for ideas, good to see some planning and architecture in operation. As I noted to Kevin it may depend on speeches after dinner, or before dinner, the latter allows a captive audience which is that we did to students, speeches that are short (EG Bowen, or The Rector before Sunday Lunch for ladies with burning chickens), the former tends to be satiating alike John and the description of the marriage at Cana in Galilee, anyway we seem to have the best until last as I noted once to Ann trying to ram mathematics into an acceptable hydrology and I start to defer to young talent alike JLo, I am getting too old for the Conservative revival again, they did that last time and we need ambassadors in touch with people's homes and life works. Mind you the structures are much the same and the Ergonomic rules the day, so we end up back with Frank Lloyd Wright and pianos in studios, Central American or New York transposed, desert or particulate delivered, pre-built Graham 1971 or the lost causes of student revolt, we are some way behind some good designers and at least that showed in the RIBA Stirling, potential. Mike Stagg Hydrology soils Geology

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