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Michael Ball

Michael Ball

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  • Comment on: TfL boss orders Garden Bridge review

    Michael Ball's comment 25-Jun-2015 3:33 pm

    Paul I'm puzzled by your drinking habits - we worked together on a TfL backed project on the South Bank with 10% fees, no? According to the Architect Fees Bureau, the percentage charge is usually calculated as follows: Anywhere between 8-12% of the final project cost, for architect supervision from start to completion. Of course the Garden Bridge is a high cost project, and the fees could be as low as 7% - which is still over £11m. Maybe Heatherwick even has to share them with Arup, so he could be down to his last £5m. Treble Lear jets all round, I'd say!

  • Comment on: TfL boss orders Garden Bridge review

    Michael Ball's comment 19-Jun-2015 8:34 pm

    Heatherwick stands to make up to £17m from this contract, taking the standard approach of architect's fees being 10% of the overall budget. The reason why he was only paid £52k was that the TfL was just a 6 week job as an architectural adviser at the outline strategic business planning stage. How this has then been rolled on into a substantive contract for designing the entire bridge remains unexplained

  • Comment on: Boris refuses independent audit of Garden Bridge procurement

    Michael Ball's comment 26-Mar-2015 2:19 pm

    The procurement is only one example of the way Boris doesn't do business, he does diktat. Firstly Boris publishes a London Plan in 2011 that has no mention of a strategic need for a pedestrian bridge in central London, let alone a garden bridge, but with the very clear need for a pedestrian bridge at Nine Elms where 25,000 new homes are to be delivered. Then in Nov 13 Boris and his mate George agreed to put £60m of public money for transport into a private bridge with no right of way and limited access - huh? They do it on the basis of a Strategic Business Case which isn't published until May 14, and even then only in draft. The Strategic Business Case id of course completely loaded in favour of the garden bridge, but the fundamental argument is that it is a tourist attraction, not transport infrastructure, and only scores 1.9 on cost benefit analysis. And then of course we come to the machinations and lies about the underwriting of the £3.5m annual maintenance costs, capitalised at £90m... oh and not forgetting the planning process... With Boris' penchant for making-it-up-as-he-goes-along-bugger-all-that-process-and-accountability-nonsense no wonder he's so smitten with Mr B of the Bollocks

  • Comment on: Paolozzi arches at Tottenham Court Road ‘already demolished’

    Michael Ball's comment 31-Jan-2015 2:10 am

    Lesson for all of us: list early, list often, list always. Fat controllers cannot be trusted. I have busked in that station since 1984 and have enjoyed the murals for 30 years. I was told by the Group Station Manager only two weeks ago while looking at the extraordinarily boring new station concourse that the murals were all safe. I'm sure to him and other non-specialists "all" and "95%" are the same thing when it comes to some tedious murals (and of course the 95% includes entire lengths of platform with just green and white tiles, rather than the delicate work on the arches). Don't trust fat controllers; don't trust councillors; don't trust schools or hospitals, churches or arts venues; don't trust architects like Hawkins Brown: IF IT'S WORTH SAVING, LIST IT.

  • Comment on: £200m Qatari mega-mansion pulled from planning

    Michael Ball's comment 29-Jan-2015 11:05 pm

    Westminster's planning dept are much-maligned, but as so often are sticking up for London!

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