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Kevin Patrick McClellan

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  • Comment on: First look at entries into 3DReid student prize

    Kevin Patrick McClellan's comment 30 May, 2010 10:37 pm

    I need to point out a few things in the imagery that contradicts your assumptions about the architecture in this work Anonymous. Looking at the images closely it is very easy to see that represented are people who fall into two categories: abused workers / prisoners and those abusing - guards and militia. Additional to the white constructions and the Modernist buildings, is waste and military equipment. It is easy to gather that this is an allegory not intended to be read as anything other, hence there should be no argument for it being architecture as commonly defined.

    To that point the images are neither beautiful or striking, but brutal and ugly, and in that speak directly to the point of the project. In this the work speaks to the reality that architecture creates a framework for society, how we inhabit, move and socialize. You are caught up in a debate about looks - which I will not call an aesthetic debate, since you fail to recognize all the complex and relevant implications beyond the look. Hence, I say this is an argument about architecture that you are poorly defining as something that needs to be common.

    Think about architecture not as mechanics, but as a mechanism. Become familiar with people who speak to these things and begin to see architecture as it is: as both territorial and politicized, an activity that at once enables and limits.

    I do not worry about students who progress into the profession with this type of education, quite to the contrary, they will have the skills to navigate the realities of an endeavor wherein they will be asked to manipulate the complex inter-relations that all projects encounter. As Louis Henri Sullivan is quoted as saying: our architecture reflects truly as a mirror. Ultimately it is who we are. And I hope for all our sakes it is not about making it into what is commonly defined.