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Jonny Muirhead

Jonny Muirhead

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  • Comment on: Sheppard Robson reveals new Birmingham office for Interserve

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 29-Jul-2015 11:05 am

    There is something of the ghost of libraries past about it...

  • Comment on: Airports Commission backs Heathrow third runway

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 1-Jul-2015 11:07 am

    I forgot to say that I didn't think Boris was being ambitious enough!

  • Comment on: Airports Commission backs Heathrow third runway

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 1-Jul-2015 11:06 am

    Ditch Heathrow all together! This will offer London, city wide and beyond, serious long term planning opportunities. To create essential national infrastructure and development providing essential housing and economic benefits. First and foremost, before any redevelopment at Heathrow happens, ditch the proposed HS2 spur. The current airport, and what ever it becomes in the future, already has enough public transport connection, and the distance into central London does no warrant 'high speed', it just needs reliability and efficiency. Secondly, start Crossrail 2 as soon as possible, using the tunneling spoil, not to create another bird sanctuary, but to bolster the shallow lands in the Thames Estuary. The Isle of Grain was the wrong position of the airport. Out in the middle of the estuary, avoid direct impact of lives of the people Essex and Kent. Start planning the Crossrail 3 route, North West to South East London. A new transport island, as it doesn't just have to accommodate air travel but provide a new port for high speed water borne craft, could provide a truly European piece of infrastructure. We have the engineering capabilities to make this work and with right ambition, a massively positive contribution to both the nation and Europe. New high speed rail links from both sides of the estuary, connecting back to at least two mainline station in London (say Waterloo (south) and Euston (northern), and perhaps linked with a new central station (TCR/ Centre Point?) to close the loop. By closing Heathrow airport, this frees the Heathrow site to become a regeneration zone. A vast, contained, brownfield extension of western London, helping to accommodated the predicted population boom. It has tube and overground connections as well as a good motorway network. Substantial green the western fringe beyond the M25, to help London battle its deplorable pollution record. Plant more trees, provide a better quality green belt, upgrade it to an national park stretching from the network of reservoir to Windsor Park. This could offer potential economic growth through increased leisure and tourism. Counterbalance this with a new national park in the east, as proposed decades ago by Sir Terry Farrell. Integrating a new flood protection as the current Thames Barrier has a limited life span in relation to the raising sea levels. This could included essential rail and road links; a set of outer M25 standard roads. Shifts are already happening, regardless of the Davies Report, stick-in-the-mud Politicians or private Airport operators might want. For example the technologies industries have already shifted the emphasis away from the M4 corridor and into central and east London. Choosing coffee bars on grotty round abouts over the rolling hills of Berkshire and Wiltshire. The City and Canary Wharf are booming and London is redressing its balance to the East. Choosing to build higher where they already stand, then relocating, given the choice. Physical expression of confidence is viewed from beyond the UK's boarders and acts as positive financial magnet. Let Londoners and their guest get a good nights rest and enjoy their outside space with out the constant roar of planes over head. The opportunity to reduce dramatically London's pollution, safe guard from tidal surges and rising seawater, helping to provide better quality of life for all the city's and Home Counties' citizens, are all by-products of shutting Heathrow and redeveloping the site. They are all legacies that we, the current inhabitants can offer the future generations. Shall that is something to strive for? Ditch Heathrow all together! (Moaning monied types and VIPS can use Northolt or Farnborough if necessary!)

  • Comment on: Revamp of TfL’s Holden-designed HQ gets go-ahead

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 17-Jun-2015 11:08 am

    So Grade 1 listing status means nothing? Especially when the intended usage of the building was fundamental to how Holden originally designed it. There is no real financial case for this building to not remain as the office building it was always meant to be. I believe that the protection of a important national heritage asset should be considered part of the multifaceted remit of a public body such as TfL

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