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Jonny Muirhead

Jonny Muirhead

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  • Comment on: Stop moaning, the Garden Bridge is fabulous

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 18-May-2015 10:57 am

    Rowan... Are you there?

  • Comment on: Garden Bridge Trust reveals planting vision

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 13-May-2015 11:31 am

    I whole heartedly echo Mr Edwards request. Having just returned from a trip to New York, I can only point towards the excellent work of Landscape Architect James Corner and Field Operations on The High Line and its extension in to the Railyards. A fantastic combing of historic urban fabric overlaid with robust hard and appropriate soft landscaping. A truly wonderful place to pass along or loiter upon. This also makes to think how smart the developers of Battersea Power Station were to secure Filed Operations to design the roof top gardens. I can only hope that the Garden Bridge Trust have followed the planning process correctly, as I really want this bridge to happen. Though I believe it should be pedal transport friend and open 24/7 with absolutely no charge and certainly not close for corporate events!

  • Comment on: Architect rethinks plans for threatened East End oddity

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 30-Apr-2015 2:32 am

    Congratulations to David Collard for running a very successful grass roots campaign to save 'one of the best visual jokes in London'. Again proving the power of to help move opinion, such as pushing the Corporation of London towards preserving of the wonderful General Markets at Smithfield. I find it interesting that the remnants of historic, domestic architecture, sandwiched between Somerset House and Kings College have not raise the same feelings of passion, nor mustered a concerted effort to save them from demolition. Yet it is exactly this background architectural landscape, taken for granted and often not protected, that gives London a strong sense of place. By securing the past helps provide a future urban environment that avoids it becoming yet another homogeneous city in the international mold.

  • Comment on: Museum of London commits to Smithfield move

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 27-Mar-2015 10:04 am

    This is fantastic news. A win, win, win, win situation! Win 1 - The historic General Market gets a genuine reprieve adn excellent reuse, and what could be more appropriate than the Museum of London and its 3000+ year old collections Win 2 - Sir Simon Rattles request is actually being taken seriously by the Corporation and the wider political class in local and national government. Win 3 - The opportunity for London to finally have the best concert hall in the world. This is a truly one off opportunity to right a serious, cultural and artistic vacuum in the capital. I can but hope this is run as an international competition of the highest calibre. Win 4 - Last but not least, where the wanton disregard for Hoarce Jone's built legacy by the Corporation and blind adherence to more bland office floor plates. In my eyes, for quite sometime it had made them look rather like cultural philistines. Yet now, here is the multiple opportunity to right what had for sometime looked like an appalling wrong! I am intrigued to know if any of the vast underground vaults of the market will become the collections store? So freeing the Regents Canal site for redevelopment as well as bringing the whole institution together in one place. This is a truly exciting development for London

  • Comment on: Madin's Birmingham tower saved...for now

    Jonny Muirhead's comment 20-Mar-2015 11:31 am

    It's as if John Madden never practiced! This may appear to be a stay of execution, but the hammer will eventually fall on the former NatWest Tower. Another example of Birmingham's relentless move 'Forward' seeming to spare little thought for it's 20th century built environment legacy

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