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John McKean

John McKean

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  • Comment on: Architects urge Strathclyde to loan empty studios to GSA

    John McKean's comment 13-Jun-2014 6:19 pm

    It's a brilliant idea which Strathclyde should have thought of first. Having enjoyed being a student in both buildings, I am charmed to see your joint elevation drawing of Freddy Feilden's next to Toshie's. (I'm just really pleased that in your set of period photos, you didn't use the Henk Snoek one which had me in it!)

  • Comment on: Israeli architects appeal to Cameron over RIBA motion

    John McKean's comment 27-Mar-2014 11:58 am

    Mr Fulcher's article states: Portland Place has come in for fierce criticism from British architects and organisations working to promote peaceful coexistence in Israel and Palestine for its decision last week. It would be constructive if he could substantiate this statement which appears more as an opinion and not to be based on any evidence. His grammar presumes "architects and organisations" as a joint noun, described precisely as "working to promote peaceful coexistence in Israel and Palestine." I have seen no evidence to justify this assertion. The phrase "peaceful coexistence" means, precisely, an equality of existence in peace.

  • Comment on: Holl's Glasgow Art School Building: First reaction

    John McKean's comment 26-Feb-2014 3:23 pm

    I like the "(eh?)" about poor old itinerant Toshie. I'm pretty certain that he never even visited Northampton far less lived there. Yes, even though doing a very neat conversion of a tiny terrace house there. Great you love it, but I can't wait to hear a bit more about reactions to (rather than reactions to reactions to) the Holl, and of course to see it.

  • Comment on: Allies and Morrison completes Jacobean theatre at Globe

    John McKean's comment 16-Jan-2014 6:36 pm

    And which of these lovely photos is/are lit by candle light?

  • Comment on: Kenwood: A home built on slavery?

    John McKean's comment 16-Dec-2013 5:56 pm

    Kenwood House’ “links to the transantlatic slave trade and West Indian slavery are well known,” Isabelle Priest tells us. She then recites a list of great houses built on the profits of slavery adding that “Kenwood’s ties to the slave trade and slavery remain concealed by the glory” of its recent revamp. Unaware of the Kenwood-slavery link, I am interested, but saddened that Priest finds them too much common knowledge to bear repetition. However, in another publication on the same day last week, Gillian Darley explains that Kenwood was built by the lord chief justice, “a shy Scottish lawyer of exemplary liberal views and actions who paved the way for the legislation outlawing slavery.” Can this really be the “well known link” to which Priest refers in such a different tone?

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