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Jane Blakeley

Jane Blakeley

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  • Comment on: Diary of a WAF judge: Day 2

    Jane Blakeley's comment 14-Nov-2011 9:51 am

    This seems like an exciting event but the UK is faced with the same dilemms as Jersey, Channel Islands - an influx of projects being taken up by off-island architects. One would think a 'ticket' to practice would be an appropriate measure to introduce and that this would come with a fee to practice in an alternative country to their own. In most countries one needs to retake Part 3 to comply, why not the UK? We need also to consider the numbers of architects qualifying i feel as do the veterinary Institute so that in recessionary times this too does not effect workloads. Jane Blakeley/Jane Faulkner Architect RIBA, Jersey

  • Comment on: Amanda Levete's practice wins planning for V&A Boiler House Yard

    Jane Blakeley's comment 28-Mar-2011 1:13 pm

    Great news for Amanda Levette Architects, will await seeing the final design drawings with interest. A big plus a British Architect among a 50% international submissions should be the winner. jane blakeley/JANE FAULKNER ARCHITECT, JERSEY

  • Comment on: Greg Clark: Architects key to Localism

    Jane Blakeley's comment 24-Mar-2011 12:54 pm

    Greg Clark's incentive goes a long way to supporting and confirming the Profession's unique ability to offer exceptional design solutions to the ever-changing world of building design. What i like about Mr.Clark's comments is that he is sighting the architectural Profession as unique in delivering such quality. Next we need to encourage the Government to consider 'protection of function' of the architect in order such expertise is further emphasized over and above those more unqualified and inxpert fields which have sadly strayed into the work of the professional Architect. jane blakeley/JANE FAULKNER ARCHITECT, JERSEY

  • Comment on: Budget 2011: Planning reform to bring ‘surge’ in work

    Jane Blakeley's comment 24-Mar-2011 10:08 am

    This is all good news for the construction industry and importantly the architectural profession. The point made that there is concern however that it may encourage Developers not to use architect's services. I think now would be the time to introduce protection of 'function' as well as 'title of architect', hence protecting the work of an architect. This is now quite commonplace in Europe and would further enhance Architect's role of specialist skills against those which are not qualified by carry out considerable areas of professional architectural work. jane blakeley/JANE FAULKNER ARCHITECT, JERSEY

  • Comment on: Resourceful Architect, RSA ideas competition

    Jane Blakeley's comment 17-Mar-2011 4:28 pm

    This is an excellent idea. The Profession has been challenged by a number of other fledgling group's and quaisi professions in the post war period which has been demanding of the usual pick of contracts that would be available. Architects need to hone their skills evermore to remain a unique profession that can always lead in the area of architectural design. This competition should be welcomed by the Profession in generating new areas and skills for architects, a 'forward thinking' exercise. jane faulkner architect, jersey