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Ian Goulty

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  • Comment on: Consultant sought for £60m Crossrail 2 role

    Ian Goulty's comment 20 August, 2015 11:23 am

    Another £27billion to be spent on Londons transport infrastructure? Seriously? Is this some kind of joke?

  • Comment on: Are our homes making people sick?

    Ian Goulty's comment 13 August, 2015 10:54 am

    Bob, in my CFSH4 flat I am in a town centre. Because of poorly regulated bars and clubs and particularly due to the government lifting restrictions on live music acts there is a very real noise problem, particularly at night. The MVHR system was apparently installed to combat the noise issue.
    Perhaps one of the problems is that with a heat recovery system any fresh air brought in is pre-warmed which is great in winter but not so great in summer, particularly since this is when town centre venues are more likely to open doors/windows and entire facades, or have live outdoor music acts.

  • Comment on: Are our homes making people sick?

    Ian Goulty's comment 7 August, 2015 1:30 pm

    A thought provoking and helpful article. I live in a 5-6 year old code 4 town centre flat. During the winter it is the warmest home I have ever lived in with the large south facing windows giving a general temperature of 20degreesC with even the smallest showing of sunshine on even the coldest days. Its the most energy efficient (cheapest) home I have ever lived in. However, during the summer it gets warm, really uncomfortably warm and relying on the MVHR system leaves me waking up groggy and parched. I admit that while I wouldn't describe it as noisy the sound is noticeable. The all electric radiator heating is tied into a central control system which the building manager advised us to avoid when we moved in due to its complexity. We just turn them off and on as we see fit, but even the individual radiator controls are overly complex with lots of symbols but no clear/useful explanation for all the various options, even in the manual.

    With the flat having been purchased by a buy to let landlord who didn't even bother looking at the flat before buying never mind having it professionally surveyed I don't hold out much hope for the next tenant understanding the first thing about the systems installed, and I bet any money that they don't have the first idea/intention of maintaining the filters on the vent system.

  • Comment on: Rosbottom: ‘Students are not only paying more, they are getting less’

    Ian Goulty's comment 5 August, 2015 3:51 pm

    I'm seeing a hell of a lot of statements about requiring Architects to live up to and be aware of their responsibilities to the rest of society and the future but not a lot about making sure Architects have the power and authority to make it happen without flogging themselves to death doing it.

  • Comment on: Revealed: The AJ student survey results 2015

    Ian Goulty's comment 2 August, 2015 9:47 am

    Perhaps the next student survey could include the question, -

    Do you feel you were led to believe you would be ready to practice when you graduated?

    Perhaps Universities could be asked if they would be prepared to state on the open day that the course does not necessarily prepare you to practice upon graduation.

    Perhaps the ARB should be asked why it ( as a professional governing body) is prepared to accredit schools of Architecture it doesn't feel are turning out people who are ready for practice.

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