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Market-led society creates a nation of greedy conformists

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The extent of the market-led society can be imagined as an endless wall-to-wall floral carpet from Swindon to Newcastle, with Laura Ashley drapery and flat-pack loft conversion bits ordered from the Sunday Times .

The digital TV flicks from one cheap American B movie to another in a blind fury of disbelief that any channel is the current best option. What I describe is a sea of mediocrity which reflects the limited choice available to people in a world of greater globalisation.

Just as we evolve into an environment of connectivity and potentially greater awareness, we are confronted by a global economy that continues to insist that bigger is more beautiful and that greed for wealth is acceptable. Notions of collective responsibility are thin.

The cost of living near the centre of a large city, close to your place of education or employment, is prohibitive. Working from home never became accepted, although working from your car was. The M1 and M40 now sport large-scale illuminated advertisements to help alleviate the boredom of the traffic jam.

This, and much more, is determining the values of the people that live on this carpet of middle England who determine through their vote and their taste (total indiscrimination) what will be built, how we will live and what will be taught in school.

The tabloid press, as well as the majority of the broadsheets, acts as a watchdog to make sure that everyone's views conform and that common values and codes of decency are perverted to a consistent degree to suit the purposes of the press.

This is the nightmare that haunts me, which is summed up by the pathetic excuse that we must succumb to being a market-led society.Why?

I have noticed while working with a wide variety of people who might well be thought to be the very essence of middle England, that they are all individuals and rebel and complain at the thought that they might be lumped together with other people.

Their individuality is developing as an equal and opposite reaction to globalisation. In fact, I have noticed that given half a chance the person in the street is completely mad but in a very interesting way.

The conclusion that can be drawn is that somehow our general cultural conditions have managed to suppress the natural curiosity and drive of the general public to a point of tedious conformity. Conformity to what?

Human beings, and dogs for that matter, are fallible. We have many weaknesses of which temptation is quite strong. Our fallibility is one of the qualities that makes life interesting. We should not smoke and drink and break the speed limit, but we do.However, there has developed a strand of political correctness which hints that the fallibility of men and women could be eradicated. This in turn stifles curiosity, imagination and entrepreneurialism.

It supports the fear of taking risks and increases the general public's desire for material need. The term 'market-led' contains within it all the worst qualities of current society and is slowly turning us into an avaricious collection of sneaks who are more interested in making sure that no one pops their head over the parapet.

WA, from the beach bar in Menorca

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