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Costs: lifts and escalators

The following indicative rates for lifts, escalators and other access installations have been provided by cost consultant Davis Langdon & Everest. The rates represent guide costs for installations in commercial projects in outer London, based on competitive tenders during the first quarter of 2003


These indicative prices for lift installations are representative of specialist subcontractors' rates, exclusive of main contractor's profit and attendances and builders' work to the lift shaft. The costs are indicative of the costs of lifts from manufacturers' standard product ranges. Machine room-less lifts have continued their trend of gaining market share from the traditional hydraulic and traction lifts.

£ Passenger lifts - hydraulic 8 person; 630kg 2 stops; 0.4m/s 28,000-31,000 4 stops; 0.63m/s 31,000-35,000 13 person; 1,000kg 2 stops; 0.63m/s 32,000-40,000 16 person; 1,250kg 2 stops; 0.63m/s 36,000-42,000 21 person; 1,600kg 2 stops; 0.63m/s 42,000-50,000 Passenger lifts - traction (plant above) 8 person; 630kg 6 stops; 1.0m/s 40,000-52,000 10 person; 800kg 8 stops; 1.0m/s 58,000-65,000 8 stops; 1.6m/s 75,000-80,000 12 stops; 1.6m/s 90,000-95,000 12 stops; 2.0m/s 110,000-115,000 13 person; 1,000kg 3 stops; 1.0m/s 45,000-52,000 10 stops; 1.0m/s 67,000-72,000 21 person, 1,600kg, 2 stops; 1.0m/s 58,000-65,000 1.4m-wide front and rear entrances For fire fighting standard add £8,000 -10,000 per lift Passenger lifts - traction (machine room-less) 8 person; 630kg 2 stops; 1.0m/s 28,000-32,000 3 stops; 1.0m/s 30,000-35,500 4 stops; 1.0m/s 31,000-37,500 6 stops; 1.0m/s 35,000-40,000 13 person; 1,000kg 2 stops; 1.0m/s 30,000-36,000 6 stops; 1.0m/s 40,000-45,000 Goods lifts 300kg 2 stops; 0.3m/s; traction 28,000-32,000 1,000kg 2 stops; 0.40m/s; hydraulic 55,000-60,000 1,600kg 3 stops; 0.40m/s; hydraulic 68,000-72,000 EXAMPLE BESPOKE LIFT COSTS Passenger lifts - traction 8 person; 630kg 10 stops; 1.0m/s;

firefighting 145,000-160,000 13 person; 1,000kg 8 stops; 1.6m/s 120,000-140,000 3 stops; 0.6m/s;

circular glass lift 260,000-290,000 16 person; 1,250kg 9 stops; 2.5m/s 225,000-250,000 11 stops; 2.5m/s 260,000-290,000 21 person; 1,600kg 6 stops; 1.0m/s 120,000-140,000 10 stops; 1.0m/s 140,000-160,000 10 stops; 2.0m/s;

fully glazed scenic 380,000-410,000 15 stops; 1.6m/s 160,000-180,000 26 person; 2,000kg 10 stops; 1.0m/s;

goods/passenger 210,000-240,000 10 stops; 2.5m/s;

fully glazed scenic 400,000-440,000 Wheelchair lifts Wheelchair lift along side of stair, 2-3m high semi automatic 8,000-10,000 fully automatic 9,000-11,000 Disabled platform access lift; 400kg; electric screw- £ type drive; 0.15m/s; steel-faced modular shaft 2 levels; 3.75m travel 17,000-18,000 3 levels; 6.2m travel 24,000-26,000 Passenger scissor lifts 8 person; 630kg; 2 stops; 0.15m/s; painted steel shaft structure with glass panelled sides 50,000-55,000 1,000kg capacity; 1,600mm wide ;

to take two shopping trolleys; 2m rise 30,000-35,000 Vehicle lifts Four-post wheel-free vehicle lift (for maintenance access) 15,000-20,000 One-car hydraulic vehicle lift; 4,500kg; 1 stop; 0.4m/s 140,000-170,000 Testing lifts For each test based on new power supply 2,000 ESCALATORS Primed sheet steel enclosure, glass balustrades, 30-35infinity inclination, 0.4m/s 800mm step width, 2.7m rise 105,000-115,000 1,000mm step width, 6m rise 140,000-150,000 For stainless steel soffit and outer cladding, add £210-£250/m 2For mirror glass soffit and outer cladding, add £260-£500/m PASSENGER CONVEYOR / TRAVELATOR Passenger conveyor at 10infinity pitch, 1,000mm wide, 14m long, 2m rise, 0.5m/s 100,000-110,000 INDUSTRIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT Dock levellers (hydraulic) 7,500kg; 2,850mm x 1,800mm platform; 400mm lip 1,900-2,200 9,000kg; 2,200mm x 1,800mm platform; 400mm lip 2,800-3,100 10,000kg; 3,000mm x 1,800mm platform; 400mm lip 4,700-5,100 Dock shelters Fixed head shelter; PVC canopy;

2,800 x 2,400mm, 300mm projection 700-900 Static frame shelter ; PVC and neoprene canopy;

3,500 x 3,500mm, 600mm projection 1,000-1,200 Retractable shelter; galvanised steel and hardwood frame;

neoprene canopy; 3,300 x 3,200mm, 600mm projection 1,000-1,500 Inflatable shelter; PVC-coated polyester fabric inflatable cushions; steel frame with plastic-coated steel sheets to sides and roof; 3,600 x 4,250mm, 1,000mm projection 2,000-2,500 Loading bay doors to ambient goods; 2,600 x 3,000mm 1,800-2,000 Sealed doors for frozen goods; foam pad and 500mm thick insulation 1,900-2,100 Scissor lifts 2,000kg; 1,500mm travel 7,000-10,000 3,000kg; 1,500mm travel 9,000-12,000 5,000kg; 1,500mm travel 11,000-15,000 40-50 tonnes; 2m travel 400,000-450,000

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