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Daniel Pereira

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Build homes above hospitals, says WSP

    Daniel Pereira's comment 30 May, 2014 11:12 am

    Please gentleman, that idea of placing residential accommodation in the same building above any hospital or clinic to me it shows that you have no idea what you are dealing with, and the implications will create by doing that.
    Any hospital or medical clinic, need to have on a minute basis maxim control in hygiene. That is, if you want to consider to be in a first world country, for the simple reason that, there is the possibility of floating germs and viruses, that need maxim control and isolation. And you wan to tell me, that even in hospitals, you have cases that people contract viruses and become extremely ill from one department, that spreads though the all hospital, and people need to become in quarantine for a few days or weeks.
    Do you have any intentions to have the all building become then a full hospital? if that are your intentions! then go ahead and create residential in the same building as the hospital or medical clinic. And to make more space let the all building use the same wast bins as well.

  • Comment on: Last chance to fill out the survey: Should the title of architect be protected?

    Daniel Pereira's comment 5 April, 2014 5:24 pm

    Relating to Architecture, all professional titles regardless the level of education should be implemented and protected at all costs, and penalize anyone using the same title if is not qualified for it, one should be able to identify an individual for the require need taking in consideration type of service require, that will determine the type of fee to be payed for the required project documentation.

    Regarding the function an Architect by rights he is an Artist, that has learned to combine his ability to visualize forms and shapes and has a basic knowledge of various materials for the realization physically for human and animal benefits. The main beneficial of an Architect is having the knowledge to design more accurately anything that he can interpret from someone else idea or requirements in conjunction with his ideas and knowledge for needed function.

    No one has the right to criticize or degrade any Architect or a matter of fact, any one else that is not an Architect that has created the design, the reason is just an idea to be considered, we are all independent individuals mentally. I know that is a very sore point that there are people that are non Architects that have design in the past and present fantastic buildings that have been built very successfully and get admired by many. Because you may see something that you personalty don't like, it not means that is the perception that everyone else has.

    We are living on a open liberal civilized world, that is fantastic to have varies pleasing ideas for looks in construction. Can you imagine if every designer will follow the same ideas of type of designs pattern with a restriction of expression ?

    Architects or any non Architectural degree individuals documentation ideas, need to obtain various types of calculation from Engineers, various professionals Consultants advice to be able to realize they designed vision. If not, his idea will be just an idea. So, if we want to be honest and realistic I cannot see the need for the protection of the function of any Architect, reason be, he will not going to erect anything by himself, he just merely placing forward his personal well designed documentation to various professions for his work be realized physically and appreciated.

    With today available means of open ready knowledge that we have in computers, there is no need to anyone not be able to distinguish the meaning and the value of a Architectural Professor, a Architect, a Architectural Technologist, a Architectural Technician or a Architectural Draughtsman, this type of available information at our finger tips it will give anyone a excellent idea, what one is going to lead with, for the required needs. This is one of the reasons that we must never underestimate the intelligence of the others, to be able to contract the right person for the job size that needs to be done.