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Hadid seems willing to use her voice to help improve workers conditions

Join Zaha Hadid in her bid to see that site welfare is improved in Qatar and beyond, says Rory Olcayto

Scottish parliament

Britain isn't working - the Scottish referendum is a wake-up call

What the referendum shows is that we are waking up to the fact that Britain isn’t working, says Rory Olcayto


Tell us what independence would really mean for Scottish architects

29-Aug-2014 | By

No one disputes there are ideological differences either side of Hadrian’s Wall, writes Will Hurst


Can we really blame private sector developers for testing the limits of a city without a plan?

26-Jun-2014 | By

In 2012 Berkeley set out details of an incentive plan under which its six directors would share a windfall, then estimated at £290m, writes Will Hurst

AJ Hellman Glasgow Armadillo - Scottish independence devolution

The Hellman Files #144

12-Sep-2014 | By Louis Hellman

A trawl through Hellman’s archives, in which we uncover gems that are as relevant now as they were then

Owen Hatherley

A critic has the right to unfairness in order to force through much-needed change

5-Sep-2014 | By Owen Hatherley

Filler’s critiques are particularly good at solidifying something you may have been thinking but couldn’t put into words, says Owen Hatherley


The minor lives of royals

19-Sep-2014 | By

Ian Martin redesigns the United States to give it a wider, sedentary vibe


Architects must resist client pressure to certify beyond the scope of their involvement

15-Sep-2014 | By Mark Klimt

Legalese: Mark Klimt writes on liability for architects’ certificates


It’s National Fire Door Safety Week

22-Sep-2014 | By Geoff Wilkinson

The Regs: Geoff Wilkinson looks at specification of fire doors