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FAT and Grayson Perry\'s House for Essex

The profession still fails to communicate how architects shape the world

22-May-2015 | By

Will this month be remembered as the time the art world swallowed ‘architecture’ in one clean gulp? asks Rory Olcayto


May Day is more than a day off work

1-May-2015 | By

On May Day we must reflect on the deadly toll construction takes on its workforce, says Rory Olcayto

The Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art

Take a risk and stay true to Mackintosh and Glasgow

24-Apr-2015 | By

As Page\Park embarks on restoring the Mack, it needs to ignore the heritage bores, says Rory Olcayto

The Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art

Join the AJ on a tour of the burned out Mack

21-Apr-2015 | Updated: 28-Apr-2015 | By

Rory Olcayto explores the burnt out remains of the Glasgow School of Art as part of last week’s symposium on the Mackintosh building

Moira Gemmill

Moira Gemmill's revolutionary approach will become her legacy

16-Apr-2015 | By

Moira Gemmill spurned celebrity architecture in favour of new talent and ideas, says Rory Olcayto


Politicians need to be educated when it comes to building schools

2-Apr-2015 | Updated: 12-May-2015 | By

We’re campaigning to put education and school building at the top of the political agenda, says Rory Olcayto


Architecture Tomorrow showcases real projects that will get built

31-Mar-2015 | By

Architecture Tomorrow (ATOM) doesn’t predict the future of the built environment, it is the future of the built environment, says Rory Olcayto

Sanderson House by David Kohn Architects

Small Projects: the crits, the quality and the hidden fox

25-Mar-2015 | Updated: 16-Apr-2015 | By

What makes the Small Project crits so special? Maybe it’s the high standard of work on show, says Rory Olcayto


Spatial thinkers needed for the digital and physical overlap

18-Mar-2015 | By

The interface between digital and real is where the most exciting design opportunities are happening, says Rory Olcayto


Few can argue against good school design

13-Mar-2015 | By

Whether you can measure the benefits or not, well-designed schools are simple common sense, says Rory Olcayto


Google's news finally gives workplace architecture the recognition it deserves

9-Mar-2015 | By

Google’s exciting choice of designers for its HQ shows how architecture is being used to woo talent, says Rory Olcayto


Woodman's appointment is a good move for the Architecture Foundation

18-Feb-2015 | By

With Ellis Woodman at the helm, the Architecture Foundation can be a truly independent voice for London, says Rory Olcayto


Yet another skirmish in the architectural Style Wars

13-Feb-2015 | By

Luxury goods designers Thom Mayne and Peter Zumthor will make perfect neighbours in Vals, says Rory Olcayto


Universities don't exist to create oven-ready students

6-Feb-2015 | By

Practices are claiming architecture schools don’t teach the practical skills. Isn’t that their job? asks Rory Olcayto


Discrimination starts in the studio

23-Jan-2015 | By

The Women in Architecture survey shows discrimination is more rife in the office than on site, says Rory Olcayto


The AJ is taking a long, hard look at the state of British house-building Video

15-Jan-2015 | By

There is little discussion of the role architects can play in solving the UK’s housing crisis, says Rory Olcayto


Welcome to the new-look AJ

9-Jan-2015 | By

It’s a new year and a fresh new look for the AJ, says Rory Olcayto

Heatherwick\'s Garden Bridge

Britain doesn't do deep architecture

3-Dec-2014 | By

Stifling dreams threaten London and Glasgow, but Guggenheim dream comes true, says Rory Olcayto


Its apt to keep part of St Peter's Seminary as a ruin

28-Nov-2014 | By

To keep part of St Peter’s Seminary as a ruin is apt for this beautiful but melancholic space, says Rory Olcayto


The Skyline campaign is about London’s future

14-Nov-2014 | By

Not its here today, gone tomorrow mayor, says Rory Olcayto

The Willis Tower

Partridge's Chicago: My kind of town

22-May-2015 | By David Partridge

As the British Council for Offices conference in Chicago draws to a close, its chairman David Partridge picks his 10 favourite buildings in the city that gave birth to the modern workplace


The ‘grey scorpion’ faxes

22-May-2015 | By

Ian Martin salutes a winning royal bluff


AIA Convention: Architects debate America's yawning inequality

22-May-2015 | By Jeremy Melvin

In between the CPD sessions in Atlanta, a new social challenge was discussed following a headline speech by Bill Clinton, writes Jeremy Melvin

FAT and Grayson Perry\'s House for Essex

The profession still fails to communicate how architects shape the world

22-May-2015 | By

Will this month be remembered as the time the art world swallowed ‘architecture’ in one clean gulp? asks Rory Olcayto


Gordon Gibb: 'The future benefit will be in how Scotland sees itself'

21-May-2015 | By Gordon Gibb

The success of the SNP at the general election could be a catalyst for regional federalism and the break-up of the London-centric RIBA, says Gordon Gibb

Bob Allies

Bob Allies: 'Olympicopolis would have been fantasy 10 years ago'

20-May-2015 | By Jim Dunton

Allies and Morrison’s founding partner Bob Allies reflects on leading the victorious team in the Olympicopolis contest and the challenges that lie in store

Daisy Froud

The conversation would be different if Assemble was nominated for the Stirling

19-May-2015 | By Daisy Froud

Assemble’s alternative, incremental, collaborative model for the production of space has rightly been recognised as something of value, says Daisy Froud

Alan Dunlop

The profession is not blameless in its loss of power

19-May-2015 | By Alan Dunlop

Architects are no longer trusted to be innovative and to deliver inspiring buildings, says Alan Dunlop

Garden Bridge planting visuals

Stop moaning, the Garden Bridge is fabulous

18-May-2015 | By

Paul Finch makes a modest proposal to the Garden Bridge moaners 


The bees have it

15-May-2015 | By

Ian Martin witnesses winged metaphor at the Milan Expo


The election result shouldn't stop the profession getting involved

15-May-2015 | By

Don’t wallow in despair over the election; seize the opportunity to make a difference, says Richard Waite

The Mies van der Rohe Award Exhibition

The universal value of architecture

14-May-2015 | By

Post-election honeymoons are good times to reflect on fundamental values, writes Paul Finch

Tony Fretton

The election result alters the social attitudes that underlie the profession

12-May-2015 | By Tony Fretton

Conservative policy leading up to the election was based on three deliberate fallacies, says Tony Fretton


Her Majesty's playhouse

12-May-2015 | By

Ian Martin wins the royal commission to design a second home for a princess

UK Pavilion Milan Expo

The UK Pavilion more than makes up for the lack of election buzz

8-May-2015 | By

Besides being beautiful, the British pavilion at the Milan Expo makes a serious political point, says Will Hurst

Houses of Parliament

Will the new government provide town and country vision?

6-May-2015 | By

Whichever party wins, it will need to address the wider built environment, writes Paul Finch

Fionn Stevenson

Stevenson: 'We will always need publicly funded housing'

6-May-2015 | By Fionn Stevenson

Our poor record on housebuilding is directly related to the withdrawal of public finance, says the head of Sheffield School of Architecture, Fionn Stevenson

Sarah Wigglesworth

Addressing older people's housing needs could ease the crisis

5-May-2015 | By Sarah Wigglesworth

The state needs to intervene to provide truly affordable homes for the whole population, says Sarah Wigglesworth


Getting in the party moods

4-May-2015 | By

Ian Martin offers some last-minute advice to political strategists

Pre Classical Moscow

Answers to problems of the built environment do not lie in Soviet ideology

3-May-2015 | By James McLachlan

James McLachlan responds to Tony Fretton’s essay on Soviet-era architecture