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London lessons: four outstanding schemes in the capital

17-Dec-2014 | By

Four schemes in the capital stood out for quality in 2014, writes Paul Finch

Is the government finally taking housing seriously?

11-Dec-2014 | By

This government housing trial could be the start of something big, writes Paul Finch

Paul Katz, KPF

Architects are shaped by the inside story of their lives

3-Dec-2014 | By

Architects’ legacies are a combination of personal memories and built history, writes Paul Finch


Local planning authorities need to be pro-active, or we can expect the worst

27-Nov-2014 | By

‘Untrammelled’ development can only happen where a local authority has no plan for accommodating housing need, writes Paul Finch


Place making needs to be a continuous process

19-Nov-2014 | By

Not a fix in time, writes Paul Finch


Beauty may be in the eye of the gas-holder

12-Nov-2014 | By

Could pylons be regarded as art? Or the gas-holders now being gleefully demolished? asks Paul Finch


Do political parties have the will to develop architecture policies in time for the election?

6-Nov-2014 | By

If Ed Vaizey wants to make himself a target, he can march up and down Whitehall telling departments they’re not up to snuff, writes Paul Finch

Frank Gehry is probably right about quality

29-Oct-2014 | By

we need to have good ground rules, writes Paul Finch


It is time to revive the useful concept of ‘vesting’

22-Oct-2014 | By

We need a body that can draw everything together - and in particular get a grip on land and site assembly, writes Paul Finch


The character of a city is more powerful than its buildings

16-Oct-2014 | By

Sydney might have to think about the odd protected view of the magnificent Opera House, writes Paul Finch


WAF explores positive alternatives to an endless built sprawl

8-Oct-2014 | By

Can you get density and open space without endless towers? The answer is yes, writes Paul Finch


The art of city-making is not about conforming to regulations

1-Oct-2014 | By

The beauty of a successful masterplan is that its merits cannot be destroyed by bad buildings, writes Paul Finch

Awards presentations need to be as good as the architecture

25-Sep-2014 | By

The skill required to produce a design of any sort can very easily disappear when it comes to the design of presentation boards, writes Paul Finch


Architects shouldn't be blamed for society's woes

17-Sep-2014 | By

Architects and planners can’t and shouldn’t be blamed for society’s woes, writes Paul Finch


All architecture is political

10-Sep-2014 | By

Politics are not necessarily architectural, writes Paul Finch


A government chief architect would work for all political parties

3-Sep-2014 | By

Bryan Jefferson offered wise advice to ministers on subjects ranging from architectural competitions to policy, writes Paul Finch

Hampstead Heath

Attacks on the green belt are sinister in their implications

27-Aug-2014 | By

Never forget that it was only the prompt action of concerned citizens that saved Hampstead Heath from spec housing, writes Paul Finch

A lesson from history - the untold Eden project scandal

15-Aug-2014 | By

Paul Finch reads a riveting account of how a Cornish David beat the Establishment Goliath

Don't blame Tesco for the state of our high streets

31-Jul-2014 | By

Councils attacking Tesco over high streets should try looking in the mirror, writes Paul Finch


Paul Finch remembers the 'masterly' Richard MacCormac

31-Jul-2014 | By

‘Masterly’ MacCormac was a man of ideas and principles, says Paul Finch


The UK’s snub to Europan is symptomatic of our risk-averse housing sector

29-Jan-2015 | By

As we visit the most important house in a generation Richard Waite asks why only one Europan-winning scheme has been built in the UK

David Tittle of MADE

David Tittle: 'We need to work with what we've got to improve housing'

29-Jan-2015 | By David Tittle

The profession needs to stop continually bashing the housebuilders and use smarter ways to improve housing quality, says the chair of the Design Network David Tittle

Simon Allford

Allford: 'What legacy are we leaving with today's offices?'

28-Jan-2015 | By Simon Allford

The listing of 14 post war offices confirms an important cultural shift in our view of both post-WW2 and contemporary architecture, says AHMM’s Simon Allford


Discrimination starts in the studio

23-Jan-2015 | By

The Women in Architecture survey shows discrimination is more rife in the office than on site, says Rory Olcayto

Laura Mark

The glass ceiling is still in place

23-Jan-2015 | By

But we are beginning to see the signs of a change in attitudes towards equality in the workplace, says Laura Mark

Paul Finch

Letter from London: Actions as ever speak much louder than words

21-Jan-2015 | By

We need to find out why more women are not making it onto architecture’s career ladder, says Paul Finch


Space, the new carbon

21-Jan-2015 | By

Pocket gardens and vast Nazi forests leave Ian Martin dazed and confused at a networking jacuzzi


The AJ is taking a long, hard look at the state of British house-building Video

15-Jan-2015 | By

There is little discussion of the role architects can play in solving the UK’s housing crisis, says Rory Olcayto

Marc Vlessing, Pocket Housing

Marc Vlessing: 'Detailed design can make compact living work'

15-Jan-2015 | By

Marc Vlessing, the chief executive of micro-home developer Pocket, explains why they have run a competition to design a super-compact two bedroom, two person home?


The worm is cast

14-Jan-2015 | By

Ian Martin’s plans for a tunnel beneath the Thames take a turn for the worse

David Cameron

London lessons: Show the public just how good our cities could be

14-Jan-2015 | By

We need a major exhibition to show what bold urban design on a grand scale could achieve, writes Paul Finch

Sofie Pelsmakers

Sofie Pelsmakers on ARB strike offs: 'We're treated as if we do this on purpose'

13-Jan-2015 | By Sofie Pelsmakers

Architect Sofie Pelsmakers was one of 1,824 architects recently thrown off the ARB register for non-payment. She tells the AJ about her frustrating ordeal

David Cameron

What should the politicians really be saying?

12-Jan-2015 | By

As election fever kicks in, Paul Finch looks at what the political parties should be saying in their manifestos


Welcome to the new-look AJ

9-Jan-2015 | By

It’s a new year and a fresh new look for the AJ, says Rory Olcayto


Londone and dusted

8-Jan-2015 | By

Ian Martin rallies support for the capital to be moved to the heart of Mercia

Las Vegas

Hatherley: 'What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas'

8-Jan-2015 | By Owen Hatherley

Let’s stop ‘learning from’ and start ‘working with’, says Owen Hatherley

London lessons: four outstanding schemes in the capital

17-Dec-2014 | By

Four schemes in the capital stood out for quality in 2014, writes Paul Finch


‘Austerity Christmas Human Turducken’

11-Dec-2014 | By

Ian Martin sets his sights on becoming a Wise Howl


It is hard to resist the obligation to 'supervise' building works

11-Dec-2014 | By Mark Klimt

Legalese: Your failure to inspect items properly might cost you dearly in the case of a claim, writes Mark Klimt

Is the government finally taking housing seriously?

11-Dec-2014 | By

This government housing trial could be the start of something big, writes Paul Finch