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Walthamstow Wetlands sets an exemplary precedent for legacy projects at the Olympic fringe

28-Aug-2014 | By

Thames Water’s project is a shining example of that great rarity: joined-up thinking, writes Hattie Hartman


There's a long way to go to get sustainable design integrated in architects' training

28-Jul-2014 | By

The loci of student activity which suggest promising ways forward, writes Hattie Hartman


The best green design marries passive principles with spatial quality and aesthetics

12-May-2014 | By

Hattie Hartman reports from the AJ’s Green Sky Thinking seminar at the LSE

James Corner Field Operations

'Tivoli it ain't': new public realm at the Olympic Park struggles to convince

30-Apr-2014 | By

Overall, James Corner Field Operations’ Olympic scheme lacks cohesion, says Hattie Hartman


Not a single section of the Farrell Review comprehensively addresses sustainability

14-Apr-2014 | By

Farrell Review fails to give sustainability top billing, yet a close read reveals valuable guidance, says Hattie Hartman

The critical role of trees in cities is too often forgotten

4-Apr-2014 | By

Hattie Hartman looks back at an uplifting week for urban trees and a new way of experiencing architecture


Why Gillespie Yunnie’s staircase won the AJ Small Projects Sustainability Award

26-Mar-2014 | By

Sustainability cannot be the sole driver for a design and must be balanced with other considerations, says Hattie Hartman


Join the AJ for breakfast at O'Donnell + Tuomey's student centre at the LSE

19-Mar-2014 | By

Green Sky Thinking is Open-City’s annual showcase of London’s most innovative sustainability initiatives, writes Hattie Hartman

Aquatics Centre

What became of the Aquatics Centre’s temporary wings?

13-Mar-2014 | By

What is clear from these efforts to reuse and recycle is that new ways of working do not penetrate industry overnight, says Hattie Hartman


The challenge now is to demonstrate the value of POE across the industry

28-Feb-2014 | By

Post-occupancy research is not just about metrics. It’s about how to get the most out of a building and informing future design work, says Hattie Hartman


Leadership and vision is needed to save Greenwich’s eco-Sainsbury’s

17-Feb-2014 | By

Listing is an avenue worth exploring. But it’s a long shot, writes Hattie Hartman


What to make of Nest's learning thermostat?

10-Feb-2014 | By

Would a thermostat design revolution give us more control, or help to relinquish it? asks Hattie Hartman


Architects must resist client pressure to certify beyond the scope of their involvement

15-Sep-2014 | By Mark Klimt

Legalese: Mark Klimt writes on liability for architects’ certificates


Scotland’s Got Talent

12-Sep-2014 | By

Ian Martin helps to shape a nation

Scottish parliament

Britain isn't working - the Scottish referendum is a wake-up call

10-Sep-2014 | By

What the referendum shows is that we are waking up to the fact that Britain isn’t working, says Rory Olcayto


All architecture is political

10-Sep-2014 | By

Politics are not necessarily architectural, writes Paul Finch


Architectural practices must harness young talent to adapt for the future

8-Sep-2014 | By Hazel York

Best practice: There is a confidence about the young. They are hyper-connected, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and collaborative, writes Hazel York


Energy ventriloquism and a post-urban behemoth

5-Sep-2014 | By

Ian Martin redesigns Clacton-on-Sea in Essex

Owen Hatherley

A critic has the right to unfairness in order to force through much-needed change

5-Sep-2014 | By Owen Hatherley

Filler’s critiques are particularly good at solidifying something you may have been thinking but couldn’t put into words, says Owen Hatherley


Are RIBA’s special awards that special?

5-Sep-2014 | By

The Stirling Prize doesn’t shortlist regional winners - and neither should the Special Awards, says Rory Olcayto


A government chief architect would work for all political parties

3-Sep-2014 | By

Bryan Jefferson offered wise advice to ministers on subjects ranging from architectural competitions to policy, writes Paul Finch


From one bank to another

29-Aug-2014 | By

Ian Martin embarks on a series of high-profile bridge designs