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Tell us what independence would really mean for Scottish architects

29-Aug-2014 | By

No one disputes there are ideological differences either side of Hadrian’s Wall, writes Will Hurst


Can we really blame private sector developers for testing the limits of a city without a plan?

26-Jun-2014 | By

In 2012 Berkeley set out details of an incentive plan under which its six directors would share a windfall, then estimated at £290m, writes Will Hurst


It is time to revive the useful concept of ‘vesting’

We need a body that can draw everything together - and in particular get a grip on land and site assembly, writes Paul Finch


The character of a city is more powerful than its buildings

Sydney might have to think about the odd protected view of the magnificent Opera House, writes Paul Finch

AJ Hellman Glasgow Armadillo - Scottish independence devolution

The Hellman Files #144

12-Sep-2014 | By Louis Hellman

A trawl through Hellman’s archives, in which we uncover gems that are as relevant now as they were then


The Brutalism vogue ignores the movement’s ethical aspect

1-Oct-2014 | By Owen Hatherley

Brutalism’s revival is happening when its social ideas are more needed than ever, says Owen Hatherley


Yipster gentrification

17-Oct-2014 | By

Ian Martin proposes a regeneration scheme for Hartlepool via a process of ‘gamification’


Three clauses in appointments documents often give rise to heated debate

20-Oct-2014 | By Mark Klimt

Legalese: The right to withdraw consent to the use of architect’s drawings is probably a better weapon in theory than in it is practice, writes Mark Klimt


It’s National Fire Door Safety Week

22-Sep-2014 | By Geoff Wilkinson

The Regs: Geoff Wilkinson looks at specification of fire doors