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Claire Herniman

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: Tributes pour in for Isi Metzstein

    Claire Herniman's comment 12 January, 2012 3:36 pm

    Appreciation of Isi Metzstein

    While Isi was Professor of Architecture at Edinburgh I was his visiting professor; part of a double act with him, admirer of his profound perception, phenomenal honesty and frightening forthrightness. I can truthfully say that I loved him, as his close family so clearly did, and others too.

    I discovered great things from being with him, so I miss him accordingly. I am truly grateful to him for being him, he's in me forever.

    Ted Cullinan

  • Comment on: Tributes pour in for Isi Metzstein

    Claire Herniman's comment 12 January, 2012 10:25 am

    The crit
    …was his stage
    Isi, slumped hurumphing in his chair at the front – eyes darting distractedly across the wall of inadequate material in front of him – ‘when are we going to get this show on the chrode’.
    Tired red-eyed students lining up to have their work stripped of its whimsy.
    Eager ranks of staff and other students – anticipating a spectacular road crash
    And thankful it’s not their turn - this time.
    Like a great medical practitioner from another age
    Your drawings were passed through his MRI’s
    And your cringing justifications dismissed ‘reedichol’ss’
    He’d spot the cancer in the plan or section
    - then play with it – unpicking, dissecting, reducing.
    The project now in pieces, strewn across the floor – panic would set in…
    At this point – Isi would split in two
    Isi 1 gripping a problem with the scheme by the throat – while asking it a question
    Isi 2 dancing, teasing, re-mixing the parts
    Conjuring deftly
    If you could keep up, you left with a nugget
    No fools gold here.

    With great memories of a magical teacher
    Roddy Langmuir