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Chris Medland

One-world design


Architect Director, One-world design:

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  • Comment on: Ian Hazard reveals Yorkshire moorland home

    Chris Medland's comment 21 June, 2016 2:59 pm

    Looks great

  • Comment on: Jane Duncan changes tack on Garden Bridge

    Chris Medland's comment 21 June, 2016 11:49 am

    Oh and sherif is correct. To elaborate on the technical challenges at the Westminster end: 1000's of cantilevered tonnes of soil, concrete and a few trees are trying to pull the tube station out of the ground. Anchor piles here will be extraordinary given the tube line position, potentially closing the line for months or causing damage. Probably best to redistribute weight/soil and tree positions which will mean a redesign or a large area with not much planting at all- either way costs are only going in one direction

  • Comment on: Jane Duncan changes tack on Garden Bridge

    Chris Medland's comment 21 June, 2016 9:31 am

    Jane's original statement was that the project should be 'halted' so that an in depth investigation could take place. Without it being halted any investigation would simply be a retrospective look and what should have been done and (apart from any criminal proceeding that arise from it) there would be no consequence on the actual project. The RIBA's job is to represent the professional practice of architecture and Jane was right to say what she did and it would seem that her position has not really changed but the circumstances (funding spent, new Mayor etc.) have and that it what her position recognises. The project absolutely should be halted, of course it should. It is possible that a crime has taken place - would you allow a suspected burglary to be completed before trying to stop it?

    The Bridge is hugely unpopular amoungst knowledgable members of public, and despite the lead designer not being an architect he is to all intents and purposes in the eyes of the press and public. The project is is bringing the title of Architect into disrepute. This is why the RIBA should stand strong- its exactly this kind of project that makes the public dislike or stereotype architects as wasteful luvies.

    My strong view against this scheme is very simple - we are in a climate battle and building vast unnecessary things is exactly what will harm future generations. This structure is not environmentally friendly. The reality is that not building the ‘garden bridge’ will be better for the environment than building it. It is not a viable infrastructure project and it is not an environmentally driven venture. If built, it will be the most expensive environmentally unfriendly private garden in the world at the centre of one of world’s greatest cities.

    Greenpeace, the Green Party, The RSPB, Trees for Cities, The Gorilla Gardener and many other respected environmental experts do not support the ‘garden bridge’- in fact I cannot find any organisation knowledgeable of sustainability issues that does.

    The reality is that the foliage softens the edges of a vast concrete beast of a structure that punches its way through protected riverbed habitats and a protected view of St Pauls Cathedral whilst ripping down 31 mature trees and concreting over public green space. If it becomes a landmark it will be one to an epoch of extreme waste and excess, it will be a bloated dinosaur representing a bygone time of irresponsible construction straddling the river for all to see at the centre of our great capital.

    There are many issues beyond the sustainability problem. Theses include the procurement, the circular funding strategy, the extraordinary price tag of £175m minimum, the fact that it is private with no public right of way, opening hours, the 'rules' and the vast commercial space that will concrete over the existing greenspace. All of these issues and others can be read about in detail through links at: http://www.tcos.org.uk/

  • Comment on: RIBA London calls for Garden Bridge to be halted

    Chris Medland's comment 15 June, 2016 1:24 pm

    Its lame, limping along in the hope of a miraculous cure to its many ills whilst friends ridicule it amongst themselves and passers-by keep their distance to avoid being associated with it. Given the extraordinary amounts of money spent on its self promoting paper existence it is unlikely to disappear gently into the wilderness and die peacefully in a bush somewhere - will somebody please do the humane thing and put this poor injured beast out of its misery...

  • Comment on: Allies and Morrison reveals rival Garden Bridge proposal

    Chris Medland's comment 15 June, 2016 9:31 am

    definitely makes more sense than the 'garden bridge'.

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