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Chris Medland

Chris Medland

One-world design

Architect Director, One-world design:

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  • Comment on: Heatherwick: ‘The Garden Bridge has to be built in central London or not at all’

    Chris Medland's comment 30-Jun-2015 11:51 am

    PS - please AJ will you show the actual views of the bridge from the riverbank also, not from the penthouse of a nearby tower or a helicopter... lets see what it looks like from the queue to get on it and from the southbank where 30 mature trees are being killed to make way for it and the view to the city and st paul's will be obliterated... for the sake of balanced reporting...

  • Comment on: Heatherwick: ‘The Garden Bridge has to be built in central London or not at all’

    Chris Medland's comment 30-Jun-2015 11:42 am

    ‘London has treated the Thames as an obstacle to breach. Why does a bridge have to be barrier and not a place?’ Is this quote out of context? if not, what a weird and utterly arrogant thing to say. London has many fantastic bridges that are places in their own right, featuring in famous scenes of movies, in literature, music, nursery rhymes, TV adverts, plays, in works of art and are often the scenes of memorable moments in peoples lives. The Thames is also home to a thriving river boat service, it is still a commercial shipping lane and a place of work to many. The Thames Path, which stretches all the way through London is arguably London's most used park, public space, cycle route and walking route and has amazing views of the city, granted by the very fact that the Thames is an open space. The Thames itself is a place, and a much loved living and exciting part of London. The quote demonstrates the sort of wishy washy fluffy language being used to soften and fade the edges of a massive, hugely expensive, piece of civil engineering that will block the best and most famous views of London from its historic centre - the words are truly ridiculous and dumbfounding.

  • Comment on: Be confident Historic England and admit you got it wrong on Robin Hood Gardens

    Chris Medland's comment 23-Jun-2015 3:28 pm

    Perhaps there needs to be an new, additional, grade or power available to Historic England- a power that enables a type of recording, rather than retaining a building of note? What I mean is that Historic England should be able to insist of some kind of detailed historic record being completed and made available prior to any demolition or modification of buildings worthy of note but not worthy of encapsulating for history like some kind of future museum piece.

  • Comment on: Expert slams Garden Bridge business case

    Chris Medland's comment 11-Jun-2015 10:26 am

    under FOI I asked TfL: 'Were TfL’s procurement regulations followed in regard to the garden bridge funding?' Their formal response on 4th March 2015 was: 'There is no procurement as TfL is not purchasing works or the supply of goods or services. TfL is providing grant funding to the Garden Bridge Trust, the charitable body which will construct, own and operate the Garden Bridge.' I cant make this add up with what has been said above in the article.

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