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angela brady

angela brady

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  • Comment on: Desmond Tutu urges UIA to suspend Israeli Architects Association

    angela brady's comment 8-Aug-2014 6:15 pm

    Well done Mick and yara for the balanced arguments, some people need to hear and share. Having been there and seen the apartheid first hand, the division roads and walls, the illegal hilltop settlements and the bulldozing of peoples homes, it is imperative that this must stop. We must support this call for help from our fellow institute in Palestine and do what we can to stop this architecture of oppression and urbicide which will not be stopped by political dialogue or any dialogue it would seem at this stage. This message from UIA patron Desmond Tutu is very clear and one we hope UIA are strong enough to take on board.

  • Comment on: Palestinian architects call on Hodder not to back down on Israeli motion

    angela brady's comment 4-Jun-2014 5:53 pm

    Let's make some clarification here. The RIBA "Resolution" of council meeting on 19th March stands. There is so much misreporting about this, for example as referred to above;- "After the meeting, which was also attended by RIBA international vice president Peter Oborn, Lipovetsky-Lir said: ‘He [Hodder] and vice president Oborn said they are not supporting the motion; absolutely.'" The truth to this "Quotation" is that it is incorrect as Peter Oborn has written to Mr Lipovetsky-Lir refuting this information "...We were particularly disappointed that your comments appear to have informed a story that there are plans to overturn the resolution that had been passed by RIBA Council. We did not say this. We told you that the resolution had since been forwarded to the UIA whose response we await" Just to be clear that the RIBA stand united on the RIBA Resolution as also confirmed by Stephen Hodder PRIBA yesterday. Let's think positive and move on.

  • Comment on: Israeli architect defends RIBA’s motion

    angela brady's comment 11-Apr-2014 12:16 pm

    Has the real "Ed Miliband" been informed that the now "anonymous" person above, now calling themselves "by not that Ed Miliband" who fraudulently used Ed's name with his photograph, when we first saw this comment posted on line for over 24 hours? Can this anonymous person now name themselves please? or shall we call on AJ to name them? Why are AJ not taking this mockery seriously?

  • Comment on: Brady defends RIBA Council Israeli motion

    angela brady's comment 28-Mar-2014 6:56 pm

    For the graphically minded : Map: 20 years of talks keeping the Palestinians occupied

  • Comment on: Obituary: Kathryn Findlay (1953-2014)

    angela brady's comment 11-Jan-2014 12:07 pm

    Kathryn was a most inspiring person and brilliant architect. She was full of bright ideas right to the end. We had fun filming her in front of the Orbit during the Paralympics. What a pity she did not know about her recognition as being such a special person with the AJ Jane Drew Award, she would have been absolutely delighted.

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