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Angela Brady

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  • Comment on: HS2 looking to employ smaller practices

    Angela Brady's comment 8 October, 2015 11:17 am

    Well said Russell The smaller practices have a lot of skills and add value

  • Comment on: ‘Chief architect won’t work,’ Quinlan Terry tells Lords

    Angela Brady's comment 25 September, 2015 2:27 pm

    Why don't UK follow Ireland on this as they have had a State Architect for many years who is knowledgeable and is appreciated and advises on matters that might otherwise be misunderstood. Architects have a valuable role to play in politics

    He advises on Government project, gives speeches in public and is recognises for his role on advising on architectural matters that affect all of us

    Britain needs a state architect plus town and city architects too. All local authorities need in house architects to advise their planners and the public on matters of architectural design and public realm

    The FARRELL REVIEWS recommendation should be taken up on employing a State Architect they are needed.

    Further detail on current Irish State architect Cieran O Conner

  • Comment on: Architecture champion Claire Bennie to leave Peabody

    Angela Brady's comment 15 April, 2015 11:01 am

    Claire Bennie has been a fantastic person to work with and a role model for women in our industry. Peabody Trust are an inspiring client and we are sure will miss Claire's talent. However there are other sides to working directly in development and the radio play sounds fascinating.

  • Comment on: Brindley leaves RIBA in 'member focused' shake-up

    Angela Brady's comment 3 March, 2015 6:50 pm

    Thanks Richard for all you did for the RIBA There needs to be more architects in exec and as CEO

  • Comment on: The Israel problem: how a political row tarnished the RIBA in 2014

    Angela Brady's comment 12 December, 2014 10:20 am

    #EthicsInArchitecture - regarding architects and architecture

    It goes without saying that all of us who supported the RIBA March democratic resolution to suspend the Israeli Architects Association from the UIA over continued illegal settlement building, - a humanitarian and professional ethics issue and non political motion, are hugely disappointed by the recent volte face by the current RIBA Council, led by Roger Shrimplin and John Assael to overturn the March resolution.

    I remain convinced that the majority of RIBA members and our wider profession want an Institute that shows leadership and acts with integrity, one that stands up for ethical behaviour within our profession and one that shows support and solidarity with fellow associated institutes.

    President Obama, David Cameron and Desmond Tutu and for a moment the RIBA stood shoulder to shoulder "in condemnation of the most recent seizure of 400 hectares of Palestinian land announced soon after the agreement of the cease-fire” and showed those qualities to which we aspire. It is therefore a matter of great regret that this was only a fleeting moment, and the RIBA all too soon sank back to it’s default mode of weak pragmatism.

    Since the March RIBA resolution there has been a devastating 51 day war in Gaza and the continuation of illegal settlement building in the West Bank, ignoring international calls and a UN resolution to cease.

    Palestine is now recognised as a state by 136 countries including eight other EU countries, with Ireland joining last night on Human Rights Day (10 Dec)

    We will continue to stand up for Ethics in professional practice in Architecture and support fellow architects when there is a call for help, particularly like the Institute in Palestine with which RIBA have a Memorandum of Understanding.

    To quote Eyal Weizman
    “Architecture and the built environment is a kind of a slow violence. The occupation is an environment that slowly was conceived to strangulate Palestinian communities, villages and towns, to create an environment that would be unliveable for the people there”.

    We look forward to Weizman being invited to speak at the RIBA

    Watch the TV video of Eyal Weizman, the Israeli architect on the “Architecture of Occupation” and make your own mind up.

    In response to AJ note “Part of the mess the RIBA has found itself in over the Israel issue is down to its wider governance problems. These were highlighted by President Hodder back in June when he announced the creation of an emergency task group, headed by an 'experienced lawyer', to resolve significant problems with how the institute is run, which is yet to conclude.”........ to clarify.....
    In fact President Hodder was forced to tackle governance issues, he was not responsible for initiating them. The June motion was put by the then Honorary Secretary, Yasmin Shariff and seconded by me as past President. That June resolution demanded amongst other things that Council members are to be recognised as Trustees, appointed to main committees and issues around the appalling performance indicators from the ‘Great Place to Work’ survey were to be properly addressed.

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